Luc Leestemaker

The masthead of the Fancifull Blog has three paintings by artist Luc Leestemaker.
We chose these painting for many reasons. Leestemaker is a Dutch born artist, living in Los Angeles, who has enjoyed much commercial success over the last twenty years. We have been admirers of his for years – both the person and the paintings. The reason for my admiration became apparent when I read his essay, “The Ideal Artist” from the eponymous book of his paintings.

Here is an excerpt from “The Ideal Artist”:

“The artist can be anyone, and any equipment can be the artist’s tool. It may be the gardener’s shovel, the astronomer’s telescope, the accountant’s pen, or the doctor’s scalpel. Living one’s life is an art, if you think about it that way.
The Ideal Artist therefore, could be you.”

That sums up our philosophy beautifully.
Thanks Luc!

Luc’s paintings are on display in Los Angeles at Skylark Fine Art Gallery
8574 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
The book Luc Leestemaker can be purchased at the gallery or online at

If you are in LA, come to the Gallery tomorrow night, Friday, Feb 22, from 6 – 10 for the Grand opening! You’ll get a chance to meet Luc and see more of his work.
I’ll be there with my husband Wally and some of our staff and we’ll be pouring wine and champagne! Hope to see you.

Terry August

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