Easy Fresh Fruit Trifle

Disclaimer: I feel the need to let you all know that I am a “from scratch” kind of gal.
I make my own ladyfingers for Charlottes, I never use a mix for a cake, I take great pride in my baked goods. However, there are times when you need a quick dessert and you are just too worn out to get out the flour and eggs and start melting chocolate. Plus, there are times when you can take ready-made things and combine them in ways that take them out of the ordinary. Here is such a recipe. It took a total of about 30 minutes to assemble.
Easy Fresh Fruit Trifle
I got excited when we got these sponge cakes in the shop. We tried them and liked the texture – a flavor similar to angel cake, but denser so it can hold up well to crème patissier. My mind started racing, thinking of all the things you could do with them.

We needed a dessert for an employee’s birthday, so here was a perfect opportunity to experiment. The staff proclaimed this experiment a rousing success!

2 packages Bavarian Sponge Cake (found here at Fancifull)
Lemon or Orange Curd (we have a great lemon curd )
Rice Pudding (you can use Trader Joe’s or Kozy Shack available at most grocery stores)
Note: You can also make Patissier creme or Custard if you want. It is easy and the texture is a bit stiffer.
3 Cups whipping cream
A tablespoon or two of Powder Sugar (for the whipping cream – sweeten to taste)
Cut up Strawberries
You can also use blueberries, bananas, peaches, whatever combo you like.
Optional: Meringues (can get tubs at any store or Trader Joe’s)

Whip the cream with powder sugar to taste until stiff.

Slather the sponge cake with the curd. Cut it up in bite size pieces.

Sprinkle a layer of cake on the bottom of a trifle dish. If you don’t have a trifle dish, use a straight side bowl, or anything where you can do a few layers.

Spoon a good layer of pudding on top of the cake. Layer with the strawberries and other fruit, add the whipped cream on top of that. Optional: add a layer of cut up meringues on top of whipping cream.

Repeat this whole process. Usually two layers are enough, but you can do three if you want. Decorate top with fresh fruit or the meringues if you have used them.

Personal Note: The rice pudding was good in this recipe, but a bit softer and runnier than a good stiff custard. The taste was great, but I think I prefer the texture of custard.

Trifles are a fun dessert in that the variations are endless. They are also great for a group because you can just spoon it up, rather than slicing cake. It makes it easier to portion out. They look dramatic and because you aren’t using a traditional icing they tend not to be too sweet.

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