Green Gifting

Reusable, recyclable, deliciously edible. That has been our mantra at Fancifull for years now, especially the edible part. But we are more focused now on how we can have a bigger impact on the planet by having a smaller one as far as where we get our products, how they are manufactured and what we do with them once we have consumed them.

The result is a better selection of organic foods and wines (all delicious – we promise), searching out more locally grown products and those farmers who take care of the land rather than abuse it, more fair trade products, interesting reusable containers including wood bowls, bamboo trays, and great totes to use for shopping. Look for an extended gift section of stainless water bottles, good looking totes, plant seeds that come in self-contained planters, plantation grown wood bowls, trays and containers from sustainable materials like bamboo and more. We are having fun exploring our options. Your suggestions are welcome!

For years we have been using a packing material called eco-pak or sizzlepak instead of the shredded wood stuffing (excelsior) commonly found in gift baskets. Eco-pak is made from recycled paper and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It costs more, but it’s worth it. We also recycle all of the cardboard cartons that our merchandise arrives in.

Even in the delivery of our products we are “carpooling” more. We can cut down on fuel consumption by allowing our gifts to carpool with other packages on a FedEx truck rather than driving by themselves across town. Of course we still do local deliveries, especially for fresh items. The more we can deliver together, the fewer emissions per gift.

This is just an example how we are thinking green and making better decisions for the planet and thus, all of us. We have new designs for you to check out and more will be coming.

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