Kahlua Coffee Toffee Trifle

This is the recipe that started my love of trifles. It came from a woman who was a
customer of mine when I worked temporarily at the May Company on Wilshire (yes, I am dating myself) up in their coffee shop. Wow, that was a long time ago. This lovely woman, Phyllis Kitay, gave me this recipe on a napkin. I still have that napkin. Over 20 years later it sits in my recipe folder just as Phyllis gave it to me. It feels good to get it in some form that is a bit safer.


1 1-lb angel food cake, or you can use pound cake and I have made it with fresh chocolate cake – a great variation!
1 5.5 oz instant vanilla pudding mix made with half and half (I usually make my own pudding or patissiere cream, I prefer it to the packaged, but the packaged works fine if you are in a hurry)
3/4 C Kahlua
2 C Whipping Cream
2 tsp Instant Coffee
Crushed English Toffee (I have also used Heath bars and such)

Cut the cake into cubes and pour the Kahlua over evenly
Make up the pudding or cream and mix it gently with the cake

In another bowl pour in the 2 cups whipping cream and the instant coffee. This is left unsweetened because you have the sugar from the toffee and the pudding and Kahlua.
Let stand 5 minutes then whip the cream.

In a glass bowl layer the cake mixture, whipped cream, crushed English Toffee and repeat finishing with the toffee.
It is truly amazing.

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