Surprising Green Facts – Recycle!

Recycling is so important it can’t be overstated. It takes a lot more energy to make things from scratch than it does using recycled products. Recycling cuts down our need for virgin material, such as petroleum for plastic bottles. It is no secret that our landfills have been overfilled, so we need to do what we can to cut down on waste. Here are some numbers for you:
80-100: Years a can will stay in a landfill before decomposing
700: Years needed for a plastic bottle to decompose
1 million: Years needed for decomposition of a glass bottle (yikes)*
By recycling just one aluminum can you save enough energy to run a television for about 3 hours. That is just one can. Multiply that by all the cans used in the United States and you start to get an idea of the magnitude of savings possible.
Even if you are out and about, don’t throw those cans and bottles in the regular trash. Save them until you get them to a place where they can be recycled.

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