Party On!

Earlier this year I made the decision to have the front doors of Fancifull be the portal to meeting new people, promoting worthy causes, and gastronomic exploration. So I guess I have no one but myself to blame for the non stop events within the world of Fancifull.

Two weeks ago when the Green Drinks group called and said they needed a place to hold a mixer that week, we said, “Sure come on down.” On Thursday, July 16, We got to play host to forty or so green minded individuals and check out one of the prototype hydrogen cell cars one of our clients is testing.

The following night was the inauguration of Flights of Fancifull Wine Classes. This was an intimate sit down affair, but was far from stuffy. Wally lead the class admirably, bringing in fresh herbs for our participants to smell in order to recognize the scents in the wine. It was all from the Languedoc region of France, known for its dry climate and an abundance of herbs everywhere. We all exchanged opinions, questions, wine, food, and then ended with a focused chocolate tasting. It was so much fun we are continuing these sessions with a Pinot Noir Class on Thursday July 30th and another on Sparkling Wines on Friday August 21st.
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The parties continued on Wednesday the 22nd as the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants held their monthly meeting at our shop on Melrose. A fun group to be sure, we ate, drank and laughed until way past 10 pm. Patricia Heaton came and spoke on behalf of the Westside Pregnancy Clinic , which is a counseling and support center with the purpose of bringing resources to those wanting to make informed decisions regarding unexpected pregnancies.

We couldn’t put away our party shoes yet, because on Thursday we were off to L.A.’s Biggest Mixer at the Shrine. We mixed and mingled with companies from all over the Southland, requainting ourselves with many people as well as making new friends.
Whew! Being a social butterfly can be exhausting, so much wing flapping to do.

We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. We may not look like much on the outside, but once you come in, you enter the world of Fancifull. Wally and I will continue to make Fancifull a place where people can come and enjoy some of the best life has to offer, whether it be food, wine, information, or new friendships.

Note: Sorry there are no photos, my camera refuses to speak to my computer. What did my computer say this time to make my camera so mad?
A counseling session is imminent

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